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AZ REl School, LLC, an Arizona entity
SFG Real Estate Holdings, LLC, an Arizona entity
Jeff Robert Simbric 1091 Gilbert Way Camp Verde, AZ

Peterson "rocker Billy" Mohamed  Jacksonville FL.

This SCAMMER Copied another Lenders Website & Identity, in St Cloud FL, and SCAMMED a Principal out of $65,000!!
George Stone MBA Aurora CO..

This SCAMMER Provides a FAKE Texas DL . with a Aurora Co Address and His Picture!! Sheriff Ran the Number, It belongs to a Roberto Travino, Duval TX. George Stone is NOT HIS REAL NAME. "SCAMMER --BEWARE"!!!

Garrett Kelly SUNDANCE FINANCE LLC  Larkspur, CO
Would not Provide Information to Identify!! His Co was Formed in 2012, in TX His Address NOW is Colorado. I sent Him a Link and His Computer ISP was in New York City, with the Server in UK???   SCAMMER BEWARE!!

That Raises a :
Jordan Anthony--Lone Oak, TX, Says He is a Private Lender, BUT "WILL NOT PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION THAT CAN BE VERIFIED"!!! He Lied and said He did not receive my Email requesting 4 Items of info. ANTHONY Is NOT HIS LAST NAME. "NOTHING can be Verified on Him On the Internet.               BEWARE!! SCAMMER