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Alternative Funding Lenders
100% + of LOAN REQUEST,-- EQUITY FUNDER, --HYBRID FUNDER,-- ANGEL INVESTORS, NO PMTS, NO DEBT Any Purpose LOANS,  $3,000,000. to $100,000,000,000.B ***--- , Non Recourse, No Pre-Payment, NO Credit , Very Little Information Required .

Foremost, as a real estate investor, Multi-family Investment provides the opportunity to own property at a lower risk with greater leverages as multi-family buildings generate income even when you do not work or out for a vacation with friends or family. It is also easier to manage  a 12-Unit apartment than managing 10 single home units.

Geographic Preference: ---------United States /Canada/ International

AFLINC.offers financing solutions for owners and investors with the need to purchase, refinance, or construct apartment buildings and complexes. Regardless of the size of the structure, we can provide an apartment financing package that will fit your very unique and individual needs.  We offer apartment financing from $3,000,000 to $100 Billion for the following types of structures:

Large-scale, multimillion dollar luxury apartment complexes or townhome communities

We provide very flexible payment schedules and loan terms to create a financing package that will fit the unique needs of each investor and property owner, whether the funds will be used for the purchase and acquisition of an existing apartment building, the construction of a new apartment complex, or the renovation of an existing residential apartment facility.

$3MM minimum to $100B
                           "WILL LOOK AT ANY LOAN REQUEST"

NO PMTS / Ask 10-30% Equity/ Buy-Out
NO Debt
Non Recourse
NO Pre-Payment Penalty
NO Appraisals
NO P & L
NO Collateral
Start to Finish --/--Approx 45-60 Days

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United Arab Emeriates
Amsterdam Netherlands
Vancouver BC
Delhi India
S Africa  Johannesburgh
London England
New York
Melbourn Australia
Cairo Egypt
Toronto Canada
Shreveport LA
New Zealand
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Paris France
S. Korea
Istanbul Turkey
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Kyoto Japan
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~100% FUNDING Available for Acquisition or Re-Finance of Multi-Family!~~
Are You Thinking Of Investing In Multi-family Apartments?
Multi-family Apartments are among the most profitable real estate investments to make today as they promise long-term returns. Irrespective of its type-whether it is townhomes, condos, luxury apartments or lakes apartments, Multifamily Investment will never be out in the business. In contrast, apartments function in two ways.
Green Apartment Buildings - The New Trend
First, multi-family housing can provide apartment dwelling for the Investing family.
Luxury apartments such as Lake Apartments, Apartments Park, Garden Apartments and River Apartments are very attractive to people who are seeking peaceful and calming dwelling away from the noise of the city. This holds true to individuals who have career in big cities particularly New York. Investment in Multi-family Apartments offer many advantages.
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"Principal Borrowers
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