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Alternative Funding Lenders
100% + of LOAN REQUEST,-- EQUITY FUNDER, --HYBRID FUNDER,-- ANGEL INVESTORS, NO PMTS, NO DEBT Any Purpose LOANS,  $3,000,000. to $100,000,000,000.B ***--- , Non Recourse, No Pre-Payment, NO Credit , Very Little Information Required .
POSS 150% Financing Commercial Construction Loans.

Private Lender will Provide:
Up to 150% + or more for the right Borrower/right Business .
A business mortgage loan that allows an existing business to get either a business property loan or business acquisition financing with no down payment .

Business owners can finance not just the purchase, refinance or construction of a building, " but all closing costs, payments during construction, working capital, building improvements, equipment and other business debt into a commercial business property loan".

A recent example for a business that was growing quickly and had taken on lots of debt to accomodate growth.  They decided to construct a building from the ground up and roll in all existing debt:

    Purchase of Land and Building Construction Costs: $1,650,000
    Existing Debt: $830,000
    Working Capital provided by Lender:  $15,000 (this was limited by what they could     qualify for)
   Total Loan Amount:  $2,562,500
    Loan Fee: $67,500
   Total Loan to Value:  155%

the business
cut it's monthly costs by $15,000 per month .  

Some examples (far from a complete list) of eligible owner occupied business properties we have helped get 100% financing: MIN LOAN $2,000,000.

    General Purpose or Multi-Use buildings (buildings that could be occupied by most     any type of business)
    Professional Office Buildings for CPA's, Attorneys, Insurance Agencies and others
    Office Condos
    Medical Practice Buildings including new 25 year fixed rate program
    Dental Practice Buildings including new 25 year fixed rate program
    Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals for info including new 25 year fixed rate program
    Some Quick Serve and Fast Food Franchise Restaurants
    Independent Family Owned Restaurants
    Pre-Schools and some Daycares
    Many types of Retailers
    Fitness Center Buildings & Gyms
    Physical Therapy Buildings, Occupational Therapy Buildings
    Independent Car Dealers
    HVAC Contractors
    Independent Insurance Agencies
    Auto Repair Facilities - both independent and franchises in good standing.
        Tire Businesses
        Muffler Repair
        Transmission Sales and Repair
        other similar Automotive Businesses

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Purchase & Refi at over 150% Loan To Value!
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